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Fresh Exotic Fruits

They are not traditional, and that is not found en masse in their place of origin. They need specific conditions and knowledge for their massive production and to be able to be commercialized, becoming a commodity.
There are different varieties of exotic fruits in each country, especially in tropical countries where the climate is conducive to this type of crop. In countries like Chile, Exotic fruit production on a large scale is not standard, so its production is considered a greater risk.

Frozen Fruits

IQF fruits as Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cultivated and wild blackberries, slice and cube kiwis, grapes, and wild mushrooms.

These raw materials are harvested in a ripe state when their nutritional capacities are greater. Later, they are washed and selected to freeze and package in a few hours.

If necessary, to guarantee the fruits' safety, are treated with ascorbic acid or vitamin C. Chemicals are not added before freezing. The production achieves optimal commercialization at the national and international levels.

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